February 22, 2017
Meeting opened at 7:30pm; NWL SD Admin room
Voting members present: Don Link Justin Smith Steve Bachman Linda Gorgas
Todd Hernandez
Guests present: Elsa Kerschner Frank Chukoskie
1 Approval of agenda for: February 22, 2017
Motion by: Linda G. Seconded by: Steve B.
Comments: Approved
2 Approval of: January 25, 2017 Minutes and Reorganization Minutes
Motion by: Justin S. Seconded by: Linda G.
Comments: Approved
3 Approval of : February 22, 2017 Treasurer's reports and any additional bills
Motion by: Justin S. Seconded by: Steve B.
Comments: Approved
4 Facilities requests: None
Motion by: Seconded by:
1 Night in the Country: Kathy Hermany, NitC Chairman
Comments: Constables agreed to provide security for this year's NITC
2 Northwestern Press: Elsa Kerschner
Comments: None
3 Other guests: None
Motion by: Seconded by:
1 Field maintenance: Jim Hughes
Comments: Tractor in the shop.
2 NRC Rhythm: Set dates for spring walk around, discuss spray program for year, fireworks down pmt.
Comments: - 3/25/17 8am walk around set
- Spray program: Blades of Glory contract, $5927 (late March / Sept.) 
Motion/Seconded: Justin S./Steve B., Approved
- Fireworks contract: 3 years 2018-2020
Motion/Seconded: Justin S./Linda G., Approved
- Fireworks down payment tabled until next meeting.
3 Rec Commission Bylaws Committee:
Comments: Reviewed.  Discussion about adding NYAA representative as a voting member. 
1 Lyons Valley field is ready for scheduling with NYAA.
1 Jim Hughes: None.
2 NYAA: Cleaning out the shed, repurposing old equipment.  Batting cage plans in process.
Dave Freeman and Don Link working on project, need to collaborate to prevent double work.
Concession wagon still at the fields, to be moved.
Lights still on fields, need to be moved.
3 Board member sharing: Steve B. - Looked at the crosswalk with Justin S., projecting path of safest way.
Project moving along. Chris Knoll, Keystone Engineering, said crosswalks must be
300 yards apart, currently 1 in process, can't do the 2nd one yet.
Motion by: Linda G. Seconded by: Steve B.
NRC Meeting Dates 2017:
January 25
NRC Board 2017 February 22
Member at Large/NRC President: Don Link   March 29
Lynn Twp/NRC Vice President: Justin Smith   April 26
NWL School Director/NRC Secr: Todd Hernandez   May 31
Heidelberg Twp: Steve Bachman   June 28
Weisenberg Twp: Linda Gorgas   July 26
Lowhill Twp: Rick Hughes   August 30
NWL School Director: Todd Leiser   September 27
    October 25
        November 29