NRC Spring Walk Around
Soccer field lights on the fields (Thanksgiving is generally the removal time frame).
Aerators run in the Spring - check with Jason Zimmerman for 2017 timing.
Jim H. Park bench down by the playground area is in the creek.
Jim H. More mulch needed at playground equipment.
Jim H. Horseshoe pits - leave up to Jim H. to make decision on removal or not.
Jim H. Clean pavilion graffiti.
Lower fields - add a swing gate for winter purposes. Ontelaunee Park donation? Due from possible removal of one at the park.
Lower soccer fields - Old NYAA soccer goals are being stored (NYAA to donate?).
Jim H. Snowmobile damage to fields.
Level both fields to 1 height?  Change use for another sport?  Consideration for future plans.
Lowest field closer to 309 not currently used, considerations?
Winter leaves and brush clean up during NYAA Spring Clean up weekend?
Basketball courts - cracks in need of repairs, options?  Patchwork or resurface.
Jim H. Volleyball - More sand needed.
Walking path - Fall start.
Jim H. Field #5 - Drainage issue by 3rd base dugouts at entrance to the field (home base), fix with piping and topsoil.
Left field lip repair?
Jim H. Field #6 - Dugout benches are rusting apart - wire brush clean and patch/paint?
Field #3  - Expand infield 4-5 feet?  Potential issue with left field and Field #2 right field.
Field #2 - Some infield water runoff - not much to do.
Jim H. Need new net on backstop.
Jim H. NITC walking path gate to be added to fencing behind gas station.
Field #1 - Nothing needed.
Jim H. Upper playground - repaint swings (Black and Gold), need more sand/dirty at swings, back of benches need repair from rusting.
Jim H. Field #4 - Reattach sign, left field lip repair?
Field #7 - Some drainage issues at 1st base.