March 29, 2017
Meeting opened at 7:30pm; NWL SD Admin room
Voting members present: Don Link Justin Smith Steve Bachman Linda Gorgas Rick Hughes
Todd Hernandez
Guests present: Elsa Kerschner Frank Chukoskie Jim Hughes Kathy Hermany Dave Freeman
Eric Andreus
1 Approval of agenda for: March 29, 2017
Motion by: Steve B. Seconded by: Justin S.
Comments: Approved
2 Approval of: February 22, 2017 Minutes
Motion by: Linda G. Seconded by: Steve B.
Comments: Approved
3 Approval of : March 29, 2017 Treasurer's reports and any additional bills
Motion by: Justin S. Seconded by: Linda G.
Comments: Approved
4 Facilities requests: NW Elemenatry School - PE Field Days: 5/8, 5/15, 5/22 (rain dates 5/11, 5/18, 5/24)
Motion by: Steve B. Seconded by: Justin S.
Comments: Approved
1 Night in the Country: Kathy Hermany, NitC Chairman
Comments: Letters to vendors and activities going out.  Golf cart check being held a little longer, waiting on
paperwork (discount will still apply).  Fireworks contract to be signed.
2 Northwestern Press: Elsa Kerschner
Comments: None
3 Other guests:
Motion by: Seconded by:
1 Field maintenance: Jim Hughes
Comments: 11 yards of mulch arrived.  Checked on benches: $772 for 15', $587.42 for Aluminum.
Tractor fixed $2619, PTO valve gasket leak, fluids changed.
2 NRC Rhythm:
Comments: Completed spring walk around 3/25, Plumbing to be turned on middle of April, AED unit installed, 
Infield mix pickup (call Lowhill Twp), Park insurance renewal has come through.
3 Rec Commission Bylaws Committee:
Motion to: Include adding NYAA member as a voting member
Motion by: Steve B. Seconded by: Todd H.
Comments: Linda and Steve had taken question back to Twp boards, Weisenberg - No and Heidelberg - Yes. 
4 - No; 2 - Yes
Additional comments: Discussion to create a policy to allow NYAA specifically run a summer baseball clinic.
Steve - charge a nominal fee for such events.
Linda - charge fees for any damages that might occur from use of field for such event.
Don - concerns about organizations coming here to conduct for profit business, concerns about 
setting a precedent.
NYAA will look to craft a policy to allow NYAA specific activities at Rec. fields, will bring back to
Rec. Board.
1 Eric Andreus, Nestle Waters
Comments: Present NW Rec. Comm. with a $5000 check.  Requested an update on use of funds.  
Don commented that the walking path is the primary use of funds donated by Nestle, cost 
approx. $73K.  Rec. comm. also  looking for grant money to help fund.
Batting cage also a project in the near future.
1 Jim Hughes: None
2 NYAA: Dave Freeman met with Justin S to continue on batting cages and fixing up the baseball infield lip
3 Board member sharing: Steve B. - crosswalk moving along, Chris (Keystone Engineers) submitting request w/ Penn DOT,
$500 traffic study.  Requesting to split costs with NWL School District, ~$2500 plus sidewalk reno.
Motion by: Steve B. Seconded by: Justin S.
NRC Meeting Dates 2017:
January 25
NRC Board 2017 February 22
Member at Large/NRC President: Don Link   March 29
Lynn Twp/NRC Vice President: Justin Smith   April 26
NWL School Director/NRC Secr: Todd Hernandez   May 31
Heidelberg Twp: Steve Bachman   June 28
Weisenberg Twp: Linda Gorgas   July 26
Lowhill Twp: Rick Hughes   August 30
NWL School Director: Todd Leiser   September 27
    October 25
        November 29