May 31, 2017
Meeting opened at 7:30pm; NWL SD Admin room
Voting members present: Don Link Justin Smith Steve Bachman Todd Hernandez
Guests present: Jim Hughes Kathy Hermany Elsa Kerschner
1 Approval of agenda for: May 31, 2017
Motion by: Justin S. Seconded by: Steve B.
Comments: Approved
2 Approval of: April 26, 2017 Minutes
Motion by: Justin S. Seconded by: Todd H.
Comments: Approved
3 Approval of : May 31, 2017 Treasurer's reports and any additional bills
Motion by: Justin S. Seconded by: Steve B.
Comments: Approved
4 Facilities requests: 6/9/17: 7th grade team Mosaic, EOY Picnic at the pavilion 8am-10:30am.
Motion / Seconded / Comments: Steve B./Justin S./Approved
6/12-15 /17 (rain date 6/16): Baseball camp, fields #2,4,5,6 9am-12pm.
Motion / Seconded / Comments: Steve B./Todd H./Approved
6/13/17: Slatedale Emerald Lions Club, pavilion 12pm-4pm.
Motion / Seconded / Comments: Justin S./Steve B./Approved
6/21/17: Ontelaunee Lions Club, pavilion 5pm-9pm.
Motion / Seconded / Comments: Steve B./Justin S./Approved
7/8/17: Family picnic, pavilion, restrooms, electric 10am-6pm.
Motion / Seconded / Comments: Steve B./Justin S./Approved
8/5/17: Heritage Baptist Church softball tournament, 5 fields 8am-7pm.
Motion / Seconded / Comments: Steve B./Justin S./Approved
1 Night in the Country: Kathy Hermany, NitC Chairman
Comments: Everythings OK.  Fire police requested, donation requests going out, Waste Mgmt request submitted.
Forgotton Felines & Fidos helping with trash, American Cancer Society helping at the gates.
2 Northwestern Press: Elsa Kerschner
Comments: None
3 Other guests:
Motion by: Seconded by:
1 Field maintenance: Jim Hughes
Comments: Gate picked up for the lower fields entrance. "Slow Down" sign put up.  Bench estimate $5329 for 6.
Electric line relocation at lower field, PPL estimate ~$13K (no action made).
Approval of: One new bench purchase for field #6 repair. (same as existing bench)
Motion by: Justin S. Seconded by: Steve B.
Comments: Approved
2 NRC Rhythm: Nothing scheduled for May.  Field aeration performed in April.
3 Rec Commission Bylaws Committee:
Comments: Minor word changes, moving onto School Board and Twp Supervisors for approval prior to 
Rec. commission approval.
1 Review of proposed Rec. Commission policy for NYAA use of fields for camps and clinics.
No action taken.
2 Reviewed estimate submitted by JMC Excavating for 2 batting cages, est. $27,800.  Don L. to review with JMC.  
Possibility Twp. Could do most of excavation needed, to help reduce cost.
3 Grant submitted by Brian Carl for funds for the walking path at the rec. fields.
1 Jim Hughes: None.
2 NYAA: None.
3 Board member sharing: Steve B. had request from Intel who were seeking volunteer opportunitings to help around the fields
on 6/13/17, commission had nothing at this time.
Motion by: Steve B. Seconded by: Justin S.
Comments: Approved
NRC Meeting Dates 2017:
January 25
NRC Board 2017 February 22
Member at Large/NRC President: Don Link   March 29
Lynn Twp/NRC Vice President: Justin Smith   April 26
NWL School Director/NRC Secr: Todd Hernandez   May 31
Heidelberg Twp: Steve Bachman   June 28
Weisenberg Twp: Linda Gorgas   July 26
Lowhill Twp: Rick Hughes   August 30
NWL School Director: Todd Leiser   September 27
    October 25
        November 29